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Dedicated to helping you CLEAN UP YOUR VIBRATIONAL ENERGY, so you can MANIFEST ABUNDANCE from a more balanced space (from the vortex), resulting in the ACHIEVEMENT OF ALIGNMENT with your truest desires and manifestations. 

What are Generational Curses?
How Does an Imbalance in My Energetic Vibrations Impede My Manifestations?
How Can Breaking Generational Curses Help Me Manifest Better and Faster?

New Releases

Narcissism and narcissist have become buzzwords lately. But, how many know what these words really mean?

In The Creation of a Narcissist, author, writer and content creator, Risha GodstyleBilal, candidly describes her encounters with narcissists, her healing and self-love journey, and breaks down how to recognize behaviors. She's breaking the silence about her own personal encounters with men that seemingly set out to kill her spirits and break her down emotionally, resulting in the instability in her confidence and independence. All the while, she struggled to find herself. Have a front row seat to her journey, plus SO much more!

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Feeling stuck? Not sure what to do next in order to get to the destination you have set for yourself? See what might be blocking you and get some ideas on how to proceed.

Identifying Generational Curses
'Quick Assessment & Solution'

(Strategy/Coaching Call Services)

Are you having trouble manifesting things like healthy love, money, or the lifestyle that you desire?

You may be suffering from blockages due to Generational Curses. Schedule a session to get a full assessment on the Generational Curses that are impeding your manifestations.

Schedule a Call with me. Get the Help You so Desperately Need and Deserve Here.

Curse Breaking Support Group
(Hot Seat Sessions)
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Each week we take turns sitting in the hot seat or listening to others as they sit in the hot seat, and work through their blocks and obstacles to breaking generational curses. This service provides emotional support and accountability for executing necessary actions with our fellow curse breakers.

(Currently Only Accepting 

Names for the Waitlist!)

Clearing Mental Blocks 
'Cleaning Up Your Vibrations'

(Strategy/Coaching Call Services)
Urgent Response Video
(pre-recorded video
for Advice and Tips)

Have a quick question you need answered soon and not really wanting to schedule a call? Order a quick "Urgent Response Video" to get answers, advice and some ideas on how to proceed.

Order Urgent Response Video Here:

Am I
"Getting USED or Manipulated"
Checks and Assessment

Curious as to whether or not a person you are texting is manipulating you? Need a second opinion on a conclusion you have already made about a person through text message?  Order a quick "Text Message Analysis" to get answers, to help you get out of your head, and most 

importantly to protect your energy.

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The Empress and Their Empire YouTube Channel

Videos posted each week on cleaning up your energy through addressing symptoms of generational curses as well as videos on techniques to improve your manifestation abilities. 

Podcast Episodes

Season 2 is dedicated to the improvement of Emotional Intelligence through live spoken diary entries that show listeners how to process emotions. 

Tarot Reading

Spiritual Motivation

Oracle Hour Readings for the Spiritual. Weekly messages from Universe and Spirit to assist those looking for emotional support along the journey. 

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