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About Us

Empress and Her Empire is your one-stop website for solutions to healing and learning to calibrate in order to get in alignment, to receive your manifestations by breaking generational curses that are weighing down your energy. We are committed to bringing you the effective solutions, with a special focus on increasing emotional intelligence, healing inner wounds, developing & enforcing boundaries, as well as identifying features about self that need attention and/or reprogramming in order to clean up vibrations for better manifesting. 

Empress and Her Empire was founded to assist those that are "ready and willing" to make the changes necessary to free them from suffering and allow them to finally live the life that's in their mind's eye. 

We hope that you enjoy our website just as much as we enjoy providing services to you. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Risha GodstyleBilal is an author, writer, and content creator. In her book, "The Creation of a Narcissist, Book by Book" she candidly discusses her experiences with her identified generational curses and her journey to self-love and healing. She also explains how to recognize these behaviors. Since then, she has developed services and processes packaged in a program that will help you achieve the same personal freedom and inner peace as she has. You can enjoy a front row view of her journey, have a hand in yours, and so much more. 

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