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Campaign for Social Advancement in Human Sexuality

The number 1 reason for divorce in the United States is financial issues. The number 2 reason is unresolved issues surrounding Sex!
In the United States of America, sex is still a taboo topic, but what we negate is the fact that sex is the only way to date that humans are created! It is the most intimate action that can take place between to people that can create a healthy bond or destroy families.
Issues this Campaign Seeks to Aid in Solving:
  1. Decrease the number of divorce cases due to issues surrounding sex.

  2. Decrease situations of poverty due to 2 income families becoming single income families due to divorce for sexual issues.

  3. Give children a fighting chance to have a 2 parent household, minimizing future traumas for children.

  4. Allow couples and individuals security in being able to seek help for sexual issues without fear of stigma or judgement.

  5. Allow for open dialogue with the younger generation to teach them the responsible and appropriate way to engage in sexual activities.

  6. Educate the masses about the appropriate manner to engage sexual activities, physical or verbal, to decrease undesired outcomes that have lead to the need for actions such as movements like “Me Too”.

  7. Provide a national awareness on Sexual Harassment training to bring knowledge on what is and is not appropriate when engaging in sexual topics.

The campaign wishes to achieve the following:
  1. Normalization of talk surrounding the topic of sex to allow individuals and couples the security to seek professional help for their issues dealing with sex.

  2. Bring awareness to the health benefits of responsible sexual activity and the drastic improvement it can have on the overall quality of life.

  3. Begin talks among the younger generation to provide informative knowledge on responsible and appropriate sexual activity.

Watch behind the scenes footage of the development of the “It’s Okay to Say Sex” campaign.
states on the effects of human sexuality in America!
  1. Only about 34% of married couples are completely satisfied with their sex lives.

  2. The divorce rate in the U.S. is around 40 to 50% (and that is with the recent decrease in divorces).

  3. Many couples’ sexual problems stem from their difficulties discussing the subject.

  4. Healthy marriages and relationships protect children from mental, physical, educational and social problems.

Watch my Live Talk on the Importance of Human Sexuality!

I go into great detail about the negative effects that ignorance in this subject has on the lives of some many individuals and the health of your relationships.

Call to Action!

Make this post on your social media “It’s Okay to say Sex #saysex”.

Proudly wear merch out in the public that says “It’s okay to say Sex”.

Donate in support of the advancement of the campaign. Click here to donate!

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