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Beliefs We Stand by as an Empress

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

  • We do not argue, we discuss and explain.

  • We do not get revenge so we ALLOW justice to have its place.

  • Moreover, we do not lose ourselves and break down in public, we use our safe spaces for emotional releases.

  • We do not wish ill on anyone (we are Karma). All will learn their lessons about beliefs.

  • We do not drop our values and vibrational energy for anyone, we simply excuse ourselves from the situation.

  • Therefore, we do not do more than 3 chances with any one person (after that it's just who they are).

  • We do not allow just anyone to have access to our energy. What we cultivate within is special empress.

  • We do not gossip (we have a confident in spirit).

  • Moreover, we do not feed jealousy; we congratulate and make personal changes to ourselves where we feel void.

  • We go into situations with no expectations so we observe and work with what we are shown.

  • Moreover, we don't feel sorry for anyone. It's not for you to feel FOR anyone, we empathize enough in beliefs to set an example of how they should go about achieving their desires.

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