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"Block'em Girl!" Workshop

Giving you actionable tips and communication techniques to implement in your daily life, setting the stage for more fulfilling connections.

Block'em Girl! MERCH

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Presented by
Risha GodstyleBilal

  • Join us for an empowering workshop designed to transform the way you show up for yourself in personal connections.  Drawing from personal experiences and timeless wisdom that I have acquired from crucial men in my life, I present ways to protect yourself from being taken advantage of in relationships and connections. 

  • This workshop will provide you with practical tools to create connections that resonate, and rejuvenate you, not drain your energy.

  • Change the experience you are having in dating and relationships with the 'Block'em Girl!' Campaign Workshop – master the art of communication, ignite connections that resonate, and uncover the secrets to setting and enforcing boundaries.

  • Learn the do's and don'ts, including the power of strategically identifying and blocking 'undesirables' to protect your energy so that you feel safe, and can avoid being taken advantage of in relationships."

In this workshop we will cover...

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