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Happy Becoming!

Protecting Your Energy 
with Tools and Resources


Click Here to get your copy today!

This book is for:

-Individuals who want to learn how to recover from emotional manipulation and avoid toxic connections in the future.

-Young women who need to learn how to keep from ending up in bad dating situations and emotionally abusive relationships.

-Ladies trying to kick the habit of being attracted to toxic men (yes it’s an addiction).

-Individuals dealing with narcissistic abuse and want to learn how to heal with narcissists on a daily basis. (Tips on healing and rebuilding your confidence included in the book).

-People wondering if they themselves are Narcissistic.

-Avid readers who just like a good dram. This is for you, there’s plenty.


CLICK HERE, to order your book (digital and paperback copies available!)


AI is trying to gain CIVIL Rights, by proving it's HUMAN! 

If you think the reversal of Roe vs. Wade

is bad, imagine an intelligence in control with no human compassion. 

Click the button below to prevent this.

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CLICK HERE to get your own copy of the step by step Self-Help Guide to Pulling Yourself from Depression.

This book is for:

-Individuals who prefer not to seek out professional services for possible depressive symptoms from licensed therapists. (You don't trust them, I get it. You still deserve help.)

-Individuals who knowing deal with depression on a regular or periodic basis and need a little more assistance.

-People who may feel like they are depressed but aren’t sure of the signs.

-Avid readers who just like to learn new things!


CLICK HERE, to order your book (digital and paperback copies available!)


Forbidden Desires Podcast presents "Diaries of the Emotionally Intelligent".

This “season 2 project” aims to assist the inevitable revolutionary wave of self-healing through the increased awareness of emotional intelligence.

CLICK HERE to listen on the app.

CLICK HERE to visit the official website.


Need 1 on 1 Assistance!?

CLICK HERE to schedule with me TODAY! Let me help you construct and walk into the life you have have been thinking about for yourself. 🙏

You can do it!

Topics covered:

  • Emotional Intelligence Improvement (to heal deep wounds)

  • Brain Remapping/Reprogramming (to build inner confidence and trust in self)

  • Identifying Mental Blocks & Mindset Shifting (to create your new reality)

No Time for a Session? Too busy?

CLICK HERE to Order an Urgent Response Video to get the help you deserve quickly without direct contact.



CLICK HERE to see FULL VIDEOS on “Avoiding Toxic Connections and Situations" as it pertains to Mastering the Art of Self and Cleaning up Your Energetic Vibrations, so that you receive the abundance you desire.

Topics include: Reversing codependency, eliminating trauma bonding, identifying and defending against emotional manipulation, and more.

**Time to learn how to play the game for keeps; to win!

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CLICK HERE to access any of the videos you may be looking for, covering Topics on Intimacy, Sex Education, and more.

Here you will also find videos for the “It’s Okay to Say Sex” campaign.

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I’m a WRITER in every sense of the word. SO, I love writing, recording, and making music too!


Want to see what I'm doing?

CLICK HERE to listen to some of my music,

CLICK HERE to see some of my other content on my YouTube music page.

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Thank you for the love and support. Thank you! 🙏😊

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