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"Block'em Girl!" Puzzle (110-piece)

"Block'em Girl!" Puzzle (110-piece)

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Introducing the "Block'em Girl!" Puzzle, a perfect blend of entertainment and empowerment. With 110 pieces, this puzzle provides not only an enjoyable solo activity but also an opportunity for shared moments over a game you'll love. Crafted with attention to detail, this puzzle is designed for quality personal time or collaborative fun.


🧩 Features:

- Quality Material: Made from 100% chipboard, the puzzle pieces are sturdy and durable for repeated use.

- 110-Piece Option: The 110-piece option is perfect for a moderate challenge, offering a delightful experience for puzzle enthusiasts.

  110 pcs (Horizontal)
Width, in 10.00
Height, in 7.99


- Vertical or Horizontal Orientation: Choose the orientation that best fits your photos and art, allowing for a personalized touch to your puzzle experience.

- Glossy Laminated Finish: The puzzle comes with a glossy laminated finish, enhancing the visual appeal and ensuring longevity.

- "Block'em Girl!" Printed: Empower your puzzle time with the "Block'em Girl!" print, turning your puzzle into a symbol of strength and resilience.

- Laminated Chipboard Backing: The puzzle pieces are secured on a laminated chipboard backing for added durability and stability.

- Reference Print Included: Each pack includes a reference print, making it easier to put the puzzle together with guidance.


🌟 Versatile Enjoyment:

- Whether you prefer solo relaxation or bonding with friends and family, the "Block'em Girl!" Puzzle is a versatile choice for a range of occasions.


🎁 Perfect Gift Idea:

- Share the joy of empowerment by gifting the "Block'em Girl!" Puzzle to the women in your life. It's not just a puzzle; it's a celebration of strength and resilience.


💡 Note for Puzzle Enthusiasts:

- The glossy laminated finish ensures a smooth and visually appealing puzzle-solving experience.


Elevate your leisure time with the "Block'em Girl!" Puzzle – because every piece you put together is a reminder of your empowerment journey. 🧩💪

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